Our Vision to Create Pet Loss Cards Like No Others

We decided to come up with a short video explaining the vision we had when creating our pet loss cards.

This video shows a young boy being picked up by his dad and his best friend from his school bus stop every day. The boy and dog grow older, but they are both still just as excited to see each other every day.  

Eventually the boy's beloved pet dies. The father has to break the bad news to his son.  His son is grieving, so the dad decides to look up some pet loss card or gift ideas appropriate for children. He finds our site, chooses a postcard, and types out a personalized note that he thinks his son would appreciate getting from his sorely missed pet. He picks a paw print that resembles his son's pet and has the card sent to his son.

When the mail arrives, the dad hands his son the postcard. The boy reads the card and imagines all the fun his best friend is having in this special place. He is comforted in the idea that his best friend is no longer suffering and is watching over him from the stars.  

The boy goes to bed that night and before closing his eyes, gazes out of his window at the stars. He knows his beloved pet is still with him in spirit.

Lisa FalsettiComment