What Is The Rainbow Bridge Like?

The Rainbow Bridge story is a beautiful and comforting story.  According to The Rainbow Bridge story, when our pets die, they go to this beautiful place; a lush green meadow.  In this place, our pets are always full, can happily run and play all day, and are free of any pain or illness they suffered before they died.  Even though they are very content, they still miss us as we miss them.  This meadow is where our pets meet us when we die, and where we then walk side by side to cross the Rainbow Bridge together into Heaven. 

When we picture Rainbow Bridge, we imagine something like a huge animal resort.  The skies are blue and there are beautiful flowers. Everyone sleeps in til whenever they want and are eventually woken up to the smell of a delicious breakfast every morning.  We imagine all the animal types peacefully playing together; all the different personalities melding together to create this diverse animal community of unlikely friends.  They all chase around and play with each other. They all have their favorite toys and are able to enjoy their favorite past times.  They can indulge in whatever snacks they want since there can't possibly be tummy aches at The Rainbow Bridge.  They each have their very own personal napping spaces that they can return to at any time.

It is such a beautiful and peaceful thought to imagine our beloved pets being in this lovely place.

Tell us below what you think Rainbow Bridge is like or what you picture your beloved pet doing there.