Sending A Thank you Card to your Vet

Gratitude for Veterinarian Staff

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We hear a lot about vet offices sending out pet loss cards to show sympathy when we lose a pet, but not much about pet owners sending thank you cards to their vet.  We recently had an order that was addressed to a vet office.  This particular staff had worked with this family and their dog for years, and gave extra compassion and care.  The card choice and words were very heartfelt, witty and creative.  We're sure it brought some smiles.

Vets and their staff become attached to our pets too.  After all, they care for some of our pets for the same amount of time they have been with us. For some it's been since birth. It's not unlikely for them to shed tears as well from time to time. They too are human and feel sadness for a number of reasons, including having known these animals for years, seeing children so upset over the loss of their pet, clients that aren't the nicest, possibly feeling a sense of responsibility for a pet's death, or just simply having a bad day. Most likely, we have chosen our vets because they are not only knowledgeable, but because they are kind, caring, and compassionate people. One of the reasons they probably chose this profession is because they have a genuine love for animals.  Seeing animals and owners suffer has to cause a certain amount of stress and sadness, and since vets and staff see this often, it has to eventually take a toll on them.

Having a vet with a loving heart is a blessing. They are there to assure us that we have done the very best we could, and that we have made heartless decisions to do the most loving things for our pets. Wouldn't it be nice to let them know we too know they gave the best advice regarding our pets and that their exceptional care did not go unnoticed? 

Sending a pet loss card as a way to say thank you to your vet and staff with a fun loving note from your pet is a unique and personal way to let them Know they are appreciated.

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