What Should I Write In My Pet Sympathy Card?

Are you struggling with what to write in your pet loss sympathy card?  Whether you use a pet loss quote, a poem, or a personal note, the message you choose should be something that will add a little comfort to the person grieving the loss of their pet.  Here are a few ideas:

  • Include a note about how much your pet enjoyed the companionship and love that was given. A lot of people have to euthanize their animals and end up feeling some sort of guilt. I've heard people say they wondered if their pet died feeling loved, or if their pet felt abandoned and let down. A reminder that their pet felt very loved, cared for, and happy for so many years with them can be very comforting. 
  • Mention a favorite toy or food that was purchased as a little "thank you" from a pet in heaven. You can even mention that there is an endless supply of whatever your pet loved in pet heaven.
  • Say something to bring a little laughter.  I sent a card to my aunt and brought up the "random pooping incidents" that happened when her dog was irritated about being left home alone.  There is a lot of value in a pet loss card that can crack a smile.
  • Mention how happy your pet is in pet heaven....maybe that they're no longer in pain, or they have tons of new friends. 
  • If the person you're sending a card to is your child and you intend on buying them a new pet, maybe have their pet in heaven tell them they have a new pet (dog, cat, etc.) hand picked and waiting for them at whatever place you choose to get a new pet, and that your child will know when he sees him or her.
  • Include a pet loss poem or pet loss quote.  There are tons of comforting pet loss quotes and poems that would be perfect to include in your card.
  • You can opt out of adding a paw print "signature" on your card, so you can even have the card be sent on behalf of yourself instead of your loved one's pet. 

If you're struggling with what to say, you can even email us and we will try to help you come up with something. 

Lisa Falsetti2 Comments