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how we came up with the idea of Pet loss cards for children

Our names are Nina & Ani and we were raised around animals since birth. In the past, we have had birds, dogs, gerbils, guinea pigs, cats, turtles, and frogs...and we have lost them all.

Our first real family pet actually belonged to our grandparents.  Since we went over to their house after school every day, we got really close to him, and we considered him to be our dog too. He was a spunky (really, he was flat out naughty), scruffy, adorable terrier mix. When our grandparents got him from the humane society, he was the runt of the litter, and apparently had been bullied a bit. He failed obedience school...twice. Although he never really lost his spunk, he got old and sick. We eventually had to put him to sleep. He went so peacefully. I remember thinking there was no way that fighter went so peacefully if he didn't know he was going to go to some great place.  That night I sat up in bed feeling sad. I imagined him coming to chew up our stuff as a way of showing us he missed us and it made me laugh a little. I believed he went to a special place for pets. It was a really comforting thought to imagine. I asked my sister and she believed the same thing. Our mom thought so too. 

Our mom ended up getting us other pets, and after losing each one, we remember things like wishing we knew they weren’t mad at us for letting them die, or wondering if there was something we could have done differently to keep them around forever.  As a result, we (with the help of our mom) came up with this idea of sending a postcard to someone who is grieving the loss of their pet, from their pet who had crossed over the rainbow bridge. We know that no matter what size or type of animal it is, it hurts losing one just as much as the other, since every pet is different and has its very own little personality.  

We initially came up with pet loss cards for children, since we came up with the idea as young children ourselves, and would have appreciated a postcard from our pet in heaven.  Then we came up with a few more unique pet loss cards or 'Rainbow bridge" card designs that could relate to a variety of personalities and age groups. 

Some of our cards are fun, and some are beautiful. We think all of our cards, along with the right personal message, can help all ages, and think every one will bring a little light during a sad time. There are all kinds of things a pet who has passed would say to their grieving friend, even if it's just to tell them to smile and think of the good times together. What would your pet in heaven say to you or your grieving loved one?

Hanging out with our fur babies, Butterscotch & Reese.  We miss them dearly!

Hanging out with our fur babies, Butterscotch & Reese.  We miss them dearly!